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back handed optimist [entries|friends|calendar]
backhanded optimist

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[07 Sep 2016|04:19pm]

I'm here.

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the schlep [26 Apr 2013|09:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

Here we go again... Looks like I'm moving to a new place, but it lands me a bit closer to the office and my gym. I hear stuff like being within walking distance of everything you do is the way to live. Me and Bowie, living la vida dolce. Good vibes. 

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Hello [17 Apr 2013|10:10am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Back on here after a rather long break. I think I may prefer this model for social media over facebook. It's so much more personal and far less cluttered. Though I'm wondering if any of my old friends are still on here. If you are, I look forward to hearing what you're all up to on here. [:

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